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The Best Bets to Make Playing Online Keno

When it comes to playing the online casino game called Keno, the player does not just place bets on their favorite numbers. There are strategies that the player can utilize that assist in increasing their chances of winning. Keno was first discovered in ancient China. The game was used to create funds for the building of The Great Wall in china and also to collect funds for war. The house edge for this game was extremely huge because the Chinese government used to use it to generate funds.

In the modern Keno games the Payout is a little worse compared to online slot games but it is still a very popular casino game. Because of the high house edge it is advised that the player should only bet small amounts when they are playing the game.

The Keno game works by letting the player pick between one and fifteen numbers. 20 numbers will then be drawn and the player will win if they numbers that are drawn match what they had bet on. The betting in many casinos may be similar but the difference is usually in the payout. The Keno game that is produced by Microgaming involves a conservative payout table. Of the 15 numbers that are picked the player gets a chance of winning if 3 of the numbers are matched. 3 matching number pay 0.5 coins and the fifteen matches will give the player ten thousand coins.

The RTG Keno that is for US players is more aggressive. Payouts are rewarded if the gambler matches 7 numbers and the resulting payout will be 12 coins. If the player matches all the 15 numbers then they will be rewarded with one hundred thousand coins. The game that the player wants to partake in should be determined by how much they are willing to risk.

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